“Could This Be The Easiest Way Possible To

“Quickly Generate Awesome Content Ideas To Attract Your Ideal Clients & Customers?”

If there’s one thing that EVERY savvy marketer on the planet agrees on, it’s that in order to stand out get yourself noticed in today’s busy oversaturated online world, you HAVE to create great content.

In fact, your…content…is…EVERYTHING!

And not only a bit of content once in a while… 

No, if you really want to stand out in the modern marketplace than you have to be creating content just about every day… often several times per day.

*Insert quote about content being king*… Oh no wait, there’s no need to! 

That point is well documented and established so it really isn’t something that anyone needs convincing of, regardless of what platform they’re using to market their business, EVERYONE who’s trying to market a business needs to create content.

The trick is, HOW do you consistently create content that’s interesting and engaging every single day in order to grab your prospects eyeballs?

I mean, it’s not like you’re busy doing a thousand and one other things, like taking care of the kids, running a household, maybe working a job while still having a little ‘you time’ at the end of it all is it?

Yet we’re all supposed to keep pulling these great ideas out of thin air and churning out engaging and interesting content like a machine!

Well, we’re here to help change all of that!

Hi, we’re Steve & Sam Harradine and for the last 10 years we’ve helped thousands of eager entrepreneurs build their business by creating and growing sales optimised Facebook groups.

The thing that’s been instrumental in us building multiple Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members is our ability to consistently create content and engagement with our audience.

Once Facebook see that you’re getting engagement, they send more people to you, which helps grow your business.

But it ALL starts with great content.

But We Have To Make A Confession!

We don’t have some super-human ability to tap into a stream of awesome creativity any time we like in order to create content that engages… but what we have done is compile a ‘rolodex’ of great content ideas over the years that we’ve been able to call on for inspiration at a pinch.

And now we’d like to share our compilation of content ideas with you.

Not only that but we’d like to show you the best and easiest ways to take those ideas and make your content really stand out and make sure that your prospects are engaging with you!

We call it…


And it contains everything you need in order to quickly and consistently create awesome engaging content multiple times a day without ever running out of ideas.

With My Content Academy at your disposal you’ll be able to:

dizzy (1)

Remove all of the overwhelm from content creation and the constant struggle to come up with things to talk about to engage your audience.


Create content faster than you ever thought possible so you can focus on other things, or even make more content to share elsewhere for faster growth.


Easily make your brand instantly identifiable using our done-for-you content graphic templates. Just add your brand colours. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.

human (1)

Increase your engagement rates so Facebook send more people your way (yes this works for ANY niche and market)


Easily batch and pre-program your posts because you’ll have a ton of great ‘ready-to-go’ content ideas to pull from.


Get all the support you need in the facebook group to help to get your brand seen as the obvious choice to buy from.

And one of the coolest parts of My Content Academy is that it’ll work for ANY niche.

For example, our first business was selling plastic furniture mouldings and we built a group of over 40k members with these content ideas.

So if it’ll work in THAT niche, it’ll work for anyone 😆

PLUS, as it’s an online tool, it doesn’t matter what kind of computer or phone you have. Simply copy and paste the content text or use the suggested idea, customise your image if you want to using the simple techniques that we’ll show you and post to your channel.

Now, you already know that you need to create awesome content to stand out, AND you know how overwhelming and time consuming that can be… not to mention the daunting learning curve of creating your own graphics.

So what if we told you that you could get all of these benefits that we’ve mentioned for just around 16p (around 20¢) per day?

Sounds incredible, right?

Well it’s true!

In fact, let’s break down just what you’re going to get when you become a member of My Content academy:

  • Over 100 Text Post Content Ideas So You'll Never Be Stuck With Wondering What To Post Ever Again.

  • Dozens & Dozens Of Proven Video & Reels Content Suggestions Based On Our Most Engaging Content.

  • Super Engaging Photo Post Ideas By The Boatload To Make Sure That Your Creativity Never Hits A Dry Spell!

  • Time Saving Done-For-You Image Templates To Save You Time and Stress So You Can Build Your Business Faster.

  • Over 300 Headline Ideas To Make People Read Your Content... It'll Be So Intriguing They'll Have No Choice!

  • Tutorial Videos Showing You How To Create Awesome Graphics To Draw People To Your Content And Make Your Brand Stand Out.

  • More New Content Ideas Being Added Every Month

Join Now and Get Instant access To All Of The Amazing Content Ideas You Could Ever Need So You Can Start Growing Your Engagement And Your Business Faster And More Easily.

We’ve Kept The Decision To Join A No-Brainer…
Because You Get Access To Everything Inside My Content Academy For Just

£4.99 Per Month

That converts to around 7$ US.

You know what… maybe we just met. Maybe you had no idea who we were until you started reading this page… and maybe you’re thinking, why should I trust a word these people say?

And you’d be right to ask that, after all there are a lot of people online who talk a good game but let the side down when it comes time to deliver.

Well not us… in fact, here are a few comments that customers have made about our signature membership, The Tribegeeks Academy:

Still Got Questions?… No Worries, We’ve Got Answers

Just click on the arrows to the left of the question to reveal the answer.

No, there’s no contracts, you’re free to cancel any time you like with no hard feelings! You decide how long you’d like to stay.

These will work for just about any niche or market that we can think of. Just insert the relevant details for your particular niche and you’re off to the races!

In our opinion, now is when you really need it the most. Getting your brand and your message visible through your content is never more important than when you’re getting started with building your audience. Great content is absolutely essential to do this.

Nope! There are done for you templates and copy & paste content ideas for you to use. All you’ll need to do is add the details of your own niche in the designated areas and you’re good to go. We’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible.

If you decide that it’s not for you then you can simply leave any time you like.

No catch! We’re just so well aware of how much we struggled to consistently build great content when we were getting started that we want to make it as simple and as accessible for as many people as possible. You’ll get full access to everything with nothing held back.

Not at all! There will be links to other things you can use in order to get more help from us if you need it, but it’s not in our nature to push offers on you over and over.